ACE Dance Concept was born out of long term creative collaborations

between Eriko Iisaku, Willy Laury, Scott Schneider, and Łukasz Zięba.  We noticed there was a lack of exposure for dancers participating in dance workshops and conventions. Besides innovative training, ACE wants to provide preprofessional and professional dancers with unique performance opportunity. The live art installation concept emerged from our passion for immersive performance, theatre and dance.



All dance levels and backgrounds WELCOME

Photo by Trey McIntyre


at ACE Dance Concept are an essential part of the project. They include classes in ballet, contemporary, improvisation, partnering, composition and creative process. By sharing the diverse performance experience of our faculty, ACE Dance Concept is offering not only the best training but also the most creative opportunities for our participants.

This unique combination provides a “professional company” environment with an authentic sense of commitment and realistic ‘product delivery’ mentality, while also touching on the creative process.  This combination mentally and physically prepares our students for the variety of demands within today’s professional dance world.