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ACE DANCE CONCEPT is a contemporary dance and film company based between New York City and Paris. ACE uses movement as a form of storytelling in both film and live performance. ACE live performance’s reflect immersive theatre, placing the audience within the story, and allowing the spectators a unique and individual experience. Our newest concept combines action film and live dance performance, presenting contemporary dancers as lead actors. 

ACE Dance Concept is an artistic organization completely self-funded with the assistance of public funding and personal donations.  Artistic community outreach is at the heart of ACE through our creative and collaborative workshop experiences. ACE Capsule is a collaborative educational experience for those interested in elite training and expanding their professional dance experience.  We are passionate about impacting the future of the dance world, and inspiring the next creatives of the world.  Along with training and influencing other artists, we are also passionate about creating inspirational art, and inviting an audience that may not usually be interested in a dance performance.  We want to use dance and film to entertain, but also to project art beyond the stage and into the view of a more global audience. ACE was created in 2017 by a diverse group of international artists all working together in NYC.  Find out more about the founders of ACE Dance Concept here.

In July 2018, ACE Dance Concept launched ACE Capsule, an international touring dance program featuring a series of immersive performances open to the public in Paris and Krakow. Our first stop was at Elephant Paname in Paris for our most ambitious and creative show yet. Éléphant Paname, a prestigious Parisian venue for art and dance, invited the company to create an immersive show taking place on 3 floors including 8 unique scenic rooms. Once the audience entered the space they were invited to follow the lead dancers around the building to explore each rooms environment and discover the original storyline imagined and directed by artistic director Willy Laury. In order to realize this large scale project and give talented local French dancers a chance to share the stage and create along side of our professional company members; we organized a week long dance workshop where the students could train, inspire and contribute to the creative process of the show. After only 5 days of creation, the ACE Company successfully premiered this unique experience to a sold out audience called AURUM II.

In an addition to producing a live installation open to the public, ACE Dance Concept also created a short film of the installation . As part of the workshop, the students were also given the chance to be a part of a professional film shoot where they were the lead protagonists of the play. This multidisciplinary experience gave them a rich and completely unique form of training to become a professional dancer for today’s competitive and evolving dance world. 

This brand new concept in France was an absolute success. Not only did we inspire the participating artists who performed, but we also inspired the participating audience and guests who attended the shows. The audience was enchanted and truly invested in this unique experience. The student’s vision and perspective of dance performance was forever changed. By giving them a chance to be in classes taught by professional dancers currently in the industry, and to be a part of such a professionally produced performance and film, we were able to increase the dancer’s self confidence and passion for the arts.  Each participant has expressed their commitment and excitement to our vision and is looking forward and eager to participate in our 2019 season.